Trouble Copying Disney Titles


For quite a while now I have used Ripit4me in conjunction with DVD decrypter and DVD shrink to copy any Disney titles in what seemed to be a fairly painless exercise. And DVD shrink would be used for all non Disney titles with no problems at all.

Now the last two Disney titles I have tried to copy (Sleeping Beauty & Tinkerbell) I have had problems using Ripit4me. I keep getting a message that the disc maybe dirty or scratched and that I should clean the disc and try again. I have tried this several times even though the discs are in fact new.

Obviously Ripit4me and DVD decrypter and even DVD shrink rode into the sunset a long long time ago and that there are now other software to use in it’s place.

So what is being used these days? From my reading on this forum it seems to be DvdFab! Can Fab handle what I assume is new encryption and copy protection which now seems to be on the Disney titles?

My kids will be very happy again if this is so! :smiley:


DVDFab and AnyDVD are the two main choices for decryption and ripping to the hard drive.

DVDFab has a free section, called DVDFab HD Decrypter. It will continue to function even after the 30 day trial of the main program is over. With that tool to rip to the hard drive, you can then use DVDShrink to compress when and if necessary.

I personally use AnyDVD HD, because it is the only decryption program at the present time that is effective against most Blu Ray disks. But that may not be a concern for you. And of course, AnyDVD is very good for dvd backups as well.

Both programs are still being updated on a regular basis.

Hi Kerry,

Thanks for the reply I shall check them both out, hopefully they will be as easy to use as Ripitforme was with the one click mode.