Trouble copying a DVD

I have a load of basketball games from our club recorded on DVD+R’s

I have used a range of DVD brands when converting them from VHS onto DVD.

I have now been asked to copy a load of them. All of the DVD’s except those on Tesco’s DVD+R’s have copied. The Tesco’s DVD’s play without problem but I can’t copy them.

Tried both Nero 6 and Roxio but nothing. I really need to copy them is there anything that I can do?

Can you explain what your copy procedure is and what errors you’re getting?

Being more specific, as suggested by Dialysis1 is always a help mate. Give all the details about the process and answers should be provided.

Seems the Tesco’s DVD’s are no good at burn rates of x4 or higher as they are coming up with “Data Error (cyclic redundancy check).”

Basically I burned VHS tapes onto DVD the tesco’s dvd’s are not allowing me to copy the files because of the errors. However, the other DVD’s are fine.

anyone any ideas as to how get the files off of the DVD’s and on to the computer so that I can copy the files onto a different DVD. I have read that CD Check 3.1 might work.

It’s best to try them in different burners/makes, some read better than others and may complete the initial rip.

Have you tried just dragging & dropping the AUDIO/VIDEO_TS files from the disc to your hard drive & then burn with ImgBurn in Build Mode? ImgBurn, Create ISO Image from Disc & then burn with ImgBurn.

Yeah tried that when I copy the files onto the desk top i get the same Data error message :sad: