Trouble copying a certain movie

Trouble copying a certain movie.

I copy hundreds of movies using CloneDVD without any problems, but I have had trouble copying the Showtime 3 disc mini-series called “Sleeper Cell”. The discs appear to copy without a problem but when I play them they don’t play right. The movements of the actors are jerky, from the movie siezing up for a split second and then continuing. This occurs constantly on all copied discs throughout the entire movie… I have copied this movie three times using different DVD media brands, and using different original movie discs purchased from different stores, all with the same result, and ONLY with this movie. All other movies copied at the same time came out perfect. Has anyone out there had trouble with this movie? Or any ideas as to what the trouble is?

in this thread mod Arachne already told you "Hi…you might want to read the forum rules. We can’t offer help with copying rented movies. :cop: " so sorry we can’t help you and don’t double post or even triple post.