Trouble connecting p.c to Amplifier

I have a Dell Dimension 5100 with sigma tel audio high def codec soundcard.
I also have a Cambridge audio Amplifier.


I have read articles about how to connect your p.c to an external amplifier, generally they all say 3.5 mini jack into the green output of the soundcard which I assume is the line out as this works perfectly fine when I connect up the p.c speakers directly to this socket. Then into the aux of the Amp I connect the Red & white RCA cables, I have also tried the DVD socket as well with the same result.

Problem is that I get no sound through the Amp/speakers even though I can change the cable back to the P.C speakers and it works fine.

Am I missing something in the configuration.

If anyone has a Dell with Sigma Tel soundcard and can help I’ll be very grateful.



Have you connected another source to the amplifier input and has sound?

What volume level is the PC outputting? (I think it should be 100%).

What line level does you amplifier require?

Green is indeed line out.

try checking settings of the sound card in the control ;panel of the pc. I had similar trouble with the “soundwave” streaming audio program and had to use the default device in windows

Thanks for the advice…

Ended up changing the connections to the CD input on the Amp and hey presto it now works…strange but true, ironically connected the Cd to the AUX and that also works.