Trouble Burning with ISO 9660 level 2

I currently burn CDs on an NT 4.0 sp6a Server using an older version of Gear Pro 4.2. This version of Gear allows me to choose the non_ISO name handling option of “translate to ISO completely” which burns in the ISO 9660 Standard level 2 needed (this level 2 standard allows filenames to be 30 characters long including the extension and version number which is separated from the filename by a semicolon).–something very important for the customers that these CDs get sent to since they rely heavily on the specific file structure within their systems—pretty sure their systems are UNIX or SUN or Mac.
Example: the filename before burning: APPC_DAYLIGHT_SAV.TXT would become APPC_DAYLIGHT_SAV.TXT;1

I can’t burn with the latest version of Gear Pro 7 on a Server 2003/XP Client OS without the software truncating the files that are longer than 8 characters. I don’t want the files truncated, I want the whole filename and the ;1 extension.

I was able to burn files with the “;1” extension but long filenames were truncating. Gear has told me that they will force the ;1 extension in their next build…but they can’t give me a date of that next build.

Is there any other burning software that will run on Win2003/XP that will burn in the ISO 9660 Level 2 standard?

I suppose an easy thing to do woud be to install Gear 4.2 on the XP machine but I can’t find a driver to communicate with the new recorder.