Trouble burning with HP840d when external drive is hooked up

I got the external HP840d and burned several DVD’s. I then plugged in my external usb hardrive and now when I go to burn using nero it says writing lead in and never gets any farther. I’m working remotely trying to figure this out, hoping to get some ideas…

I know to go disable the IMAPI and will try that next. Afraid trying a burn now will lock up my machine which I can’t get to.

Anything else I should try?

Hi and Welcome,

is your external harddisk equipped with its own power supply? If not, then you may possibly have fried your USB port. Please verify if that USB port is still working and try connecting your burner to another USB connector if possible.


I went and worked on it locally.

It doesn’t burn dvd’s or cd’s under any scenario. with or without the usb hard drive plugged in. It spins up, the light blinks and then eventually stops spinning. The disks are completely untouched and I have to reboot the pc with each failure. I am rma’ing it and ordering a sony from new egg.