Trouble burning with DVD Flick, video and audio distorted

Hi! I’ve been trying to burn this DVD for like a month now and had no luck. I’ve been to several other sites too but no one seems to be able to help me.

Here’s the deal: I’m a huge Queen fan and I’ve been trying to burn these concerts (not copywrited). I recieved the one from bittorrent and it’s in 4 separate chunks.

To burn them to a DVD, I downloaded DVD Flick, and the burning seemed to be okay. But every time I try to play it on my home DVD player, it’s distorted or just plain doesn’t work.

The video files I recieved on Bit Torrent are PAL I’m pretty sure. I’ve burned several copies trying different things, and nothing works so far. I tried burning it PAL but I don’t think my DVD player is made to play that, as nothing happened when I put it in. However, my computer does play it.

When I burned it NTSC, it played on my DVD player but the audio was terrible. It kept freezing really bad, it sounded like a really scratched up CD, and the picture would freeze up along with it. Even when it did play, the video had these vertical waves through it at times.

For some reason, it seems to freeze up the worst between songs and as they are winding down, but then as soon as a song really starts up it’s fine. It doesn’t freeze between the 4 titles, but in the middle of titles for no apparent reason, like a scratched CD would skip.

When I watch either version on my computer, the audio seems to be fine and doesn’t freeze.

I know that it isn’t the file I actually downloaded, because I’ve watched it several times from my computer and there is no sign of a distortion, either visual or audio.

I’m trying to burn it on DVD +R from Memorex.

Sorry about the extremely thorough description, but I’ve been experiementing and trying to burn this thing for weeks, and I 've been getting really frustrated and I didn’t want to leave anything out that might help. I’m quickly running out of blank DVDs to use. =) Any help would be extremely appreciated!!

[QUOTE=IsilwenGilraen;2015378]Hi! I’ve been trying to burn this DVD for like a month now and had no luck. I’ve been to several other sites too but no one seems to be able to help me.

[B]Here’s the deal: I’m a huge Queen fan and I’ve been trying to burn these concerts (not [U]copywrited[/U]). I recieved the one from [U]bittorrent[/U] and it’s in 4 separate chunks.

They are always copyrighted, even they were bootlegged.

Either you would get an PAL capable DVD player standalone or you need to convert PAL > NTSC which requires techy knowledge and time…

DVDFlick is not going to handle the PAL to NTSC conversion well. There aren’t many programs that will do this in one step, though I hear Procoder isn’t bad…but it is very expensive.

You can look through the PAL to NTSC conversion guides over at if you’d like, but most involve a commercial encoder which you would have to buy. You might as well invest that money in a dvd player that can handle both formats.

As a last resort, you could try FAVC, since it can output either to PAL or NTSC formats. FAVC is a free program and uses a very good mpeg2 encoder called HC and can use DGPulldown which will help in this type of conversion. You can find FAVC here: Make sure to get Net 2.0 and Avisynth also at that site.

Thanks for the suggestion! I wasn’t sure whether DVD Flick could convert them but I had been told it would. I’ll try converting them first.

Can I burn it then with FAVC, or do I need to convert it only in that and then burn it with DVD Flick?

Oh, and actually, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure they arn’t copywrited, because this isn’t a concert that has ever been released for profit. Fans just taped it and have been passing it around for years. I wouldn’t get a bootlegged copy of something they ever actually put out to buy.

ha…I feel kind of stupid, but I just downloaded FAVC and tried to open my video files into it, but they wouldn’t show up in the folder. They are .vob files I think, but apparently they arn’t supported in FAVC. Any suggestions? I’m really confused…=)

Well that was embarrassing. Apparently FAVC can’t import mpeg or vob files directly. This complicates matters, but if you want to try a slightly more involved way of importing the files, I’ll show you a way using AviSynth.

You’ll need two additional programs. (oh boy). The first one will simply take the vob files and put them together into one big mpeg2 file. No conversion here, so minimal if any loss of quality. This program is called Vob2Mpg.

Once you have the one file in mpeg form, get a program called AvsP 2.0.

This will create an avs file that you can import to FAVC. Just open AvsP, hit F9 (insert source) and direct it to the mpeg file you just made. You’ll probably have to look for All Files in the Files Type at the bottom of the page in order for mpeg files to show up.

AvsP will create a script for you, then you hit File, Save Script. The script will look something like this: DirectShowSource(“C:\Yourmoviefiles.mpg”) The file icon will look like the uploaded screenshot I have included, and will be in My Documents if you don’t change where it places things. This little .avs file is what you load into FAVC.

I just tried this whole process and FAVC started to work on a NTSC to PAL conversion for me. I don’t have any PAL dvds to experiment with I’m afraid. But this should work. It is just much more involved than it should be.

Make certain that you have set FAVC to output as NTSC for your project. It is on the opening page of FAVC.

I have heard that CovertXtoDVD also works for this type of conversion, so if you want to pay for that program you could try it. Should be straightforward with it. Also, you should stay away from Memorex dvds…buy Verbatim.

i dont know what kind of file it is before you convert but try converting it to a avi if its not already then encode with dvd flick. and as far as the sound i had some movies with ac3 audio and i tried to burn to dvd and like you said the sound was low and distorted. i still havent found a way to burn movies with ac3 audio. also try takin one of the copies you already have and try it on a different dvd player. i burned a retail movie to a dvd and it wouldnt play in my sisters cause it was a older dvd player that doesnt reconize burnable dvds so not to helpful but a couple ideals at least.

Wow…I just have to say wow. It actually worked! After like a month of downloading these random programs, I finally hit on the right ones! ( Thanks to you)

Thank you soooooooooo much. Seriously. You rock. =) I would kiss you! haha… :bigsmile:

I’m glad you got it to work. Thanks for coming back to let us know how it went.

Hey, I do have one more question. I would just experiment and try to figure it out myself but I have one DVD left and so I rather get it right this time!

I burned this other concert using the same programs as above, but the audio is all about 2 seconds behind what is going on. Maybe not even that much. Could that have to do with the mpeg being corrupt or something? I watched it in VLC media player and the sound was right in sync.

I also thought maybe it was a problem with the burning itself, and so I tried it again, but the same thing happened. Think you can save me 10 bucks for more DVDs? =)

I haven’t got a clue why it would play correctly in VLC, but not off the disk in a stand alone player. Did you play it in VLC before you converted or after?

Video/audio sync problems are common in conversions, and if this one was also PAL to NTSC, that is another level of difficulty added to the process.

One thing you can use to fix audio sync problems in mpeg2 files is to run them through the Quickstream Fix tool in VideoReDo Plus. This is not a free program, but there is a fully functional trial available for download.

The problem here is that you have everything in dvd-format—vob files. VideoReDo will accept vob files, even a set of them like a full dvd video, but you won’t get the same format back. Output is normally mpeg2.

If you can’t get VideReDo to accept the vob files, you may have to change the settings. Or you could just run the vob files through Vob2Mpg before trying to import them into VideoReDo. That should work.

Once in VideoRedo try the Quickstream fix and play the resulting mpeg file to check sync. If it is still not right, there is an Audio Sync tool in VideoReDo also. It just isn’t as easy to use as the Quickstream Fix tool.

Assuming everything went well, you now have the corrected mpeg file. To avoid degrading the quality of the video you shouldn’t reencode it again using FAVC. You can use a free authoring tool to put it into dvd format. DVDStyler should work for this.

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2017480]I haven’t got a clue why it would play correctly in VLC, but not off the disk in a stand alone player. Did you play it in VLC before you converted or after?

I’d say its because either of a wrong conversion or a crap input/source.

And that is the reason why “IsilwenGilraen” should stay away from torrents!!!

Actually, I change my mind. It doesn’t play right in VLC either, I was playing the wrong version earlier.

So yeah, it just plain doesn’t play right. I’ll definitely mess around with VideReDo and see what I come up with. Thanks for the suggestion once again!

So…it worked, but not really. =(

I opened the mpeg that I had made uniting all of the .vob files into VideoReDo, and the whole thing showed up (about an hour and a half long) and I did the Quick Stream thing, and it worked. But then when I opened it in VLC, I noticed that it was only about 14 minutes long. It had only converted the first .vob, even though all of them had been united in one mpeg. So that didn’t work.

Then I figured that I’ll probably just have to do each .vob separately and unite them later. I did the first one and it worked like it did before. Then when I opened the second one and it showed up in VideoReDo, I ran the Quick Stream but it said it finished as soon as I opened it. Obviously it had NOT run through it. There was also no saved file that it was supposedly making for me to even check to see if it worked. So for some reason it’s not reading any of the files except for the first .vob…

Join all the vobs together with Vob2Mpg first. Run it through VideoReDo using the Quickstream Fix tool. Take the resulting mpeg file (test it for sync first) and import it into DVDStyler. Put the whole thing back into dvd-video format using DVDStyler, making a menu and chapter points if you want. Done.

VideoRedo Plus will accept all the vob files, but you have import all of them at the same time and allow it to put them together. That means you have to highlight all the vob files when you import them. Hit Combine when it asks what you want to do with the files. The pictures below show examples.

Vob2Mpeg and Videoredo will work the same to combine the vobs and change their format to mpeg2. So either one will work. Once you have the mpeg2 file in sync, you need to go back to dvd-video format using an authoring tool, and DVDStyler should be an easy, free option for this.

I did, but it only did the first 14 minutes or so of it, I don’t know why.

When I tried importing all the .vobs separately into VideoReDo, combining them, and then ran the Quickstream Fix, the same thing happened. The resulting mpeg was a part of it. It wasn’t even a full .vob, it was only like 4 minutes long. It’s really strange.

Well I’m running out of ideas to correct this.

I believe you have a corrupted file in there that you won’t be able to get around. Sorry. Not all such video problems are fixable, especially from long distance.

May be time to go back to the original files and try it again, or try a new tack. You could try the original files in ConvertXtoDVD trial. It will put a watermark in the video, so I don’t know if that would be acceptable or not.

You’re probably right in that it’s just corrupted. I’ll keep trying though. Thanks anyways, you’ve been really helpful!

Get a 25 DVD cakebox of Office Depot DVD+/-RW’s for $7.00 and experiment all you want. Stop wasting DVD’s.