Trouble Burning TV Series Onto A DVD

I’m having a lot of trouble burning a TV series onto a DVD. First I tried joining the episodes together then convert them to DVD format but I had to convert them first to mpg from xvid avi because it said they didn’t have the same audio or something and I tried many programs and they wouldn’t join together. After I joined them I converted them to .VOB format and then burned it. It worked but my DVD player is making a weird noise and I can’t skip forward or it freezes and it freezes throughout without me even skipping forward… Does anyone know an easier way to burn a TV series onto DVD or where I can read how to do it? I’ve read a few things but my files are xvid avi… so they never really work. This is the only way that has worked for me but it freezes! please help mee! :sad:

There are easy ways to do this, which may or may not meet your expectations, and there are more involved ways. The easiest solution I can suggest is to get the trial version of Nero 7 Vision and make a dvd through it. (assuming you don’t already own some version of Nero Burning Suite).

The more involved ways include getting a good mpeg encoder and an authoring program so you can select individual episodes on each disk. Since dvd compliant mpeg2 files are much larger than your xvid files, I doubt you’ll get more than 2 episodes on a regular dvdr.

There are some free conversion programs, like SUPER

and the original divxtodvd from VSO;4050905;/fileinfo.html

These can produce dvd compliant mpeg2 or vob files that you can use in an authoring program to make your dvds with menus. A relatively inexpensive authoring program is TMPGenc Author 1.6

If you want to invest in a good mpeg encoding program instead of the free converters I mentioned before, you should look at TMPGenc Plus 2.5 It is the least expensive of the good encoding programs I know of, and will produce consistent results.
Other good ones that are user friendly include the one made by MainConcept and ProCoder 2. I personally use ProCoder 2 for this process, but it is extremely expensive and there is no free trial available anymore. The authoring program I use is DVDLab Pro, and it does have a fully functional trial available for download.

Look for more information on this at or you might want to look through some of the tutorials at

Also, you might want to tell us what type of disks you are using. The freezing and poor playback may be due, in part, to poor quality disks.

I am using DVD-R Memorex Recordable 8x, 4.7GB. I’m going to try everything you said and get back to you :bigsmile:

Does super convert avi files to dvd for free? I tried reading the website but didn’t find it helpful at all. thanks for your time.

I tried TMPGEnc Plus to try to encode my avi files but it doesn’t work. An error messgae comes up saying the file location then, file cannot open or unsupported.

Okay I tried TMPGenc Author 1.6 program to put in the chapters and stuff and i burned it but that didn’t work either.

Ok DonnaTee, I’ll see if I can help. There may be a problem with the xvid files to begin with. Do they play allright on your computer? Download a program called Gspot (really, I’m not making this up) and try to open the xvid files with it.

You can find Gspot here:
Let us know what the results are in Gspot.

When you tried to encode the avi with TMPGenc Plus did you use the wizard or did you set the encoder manually? If you are in the US, you want NTSC Mpeg 2, 720 x 480 resolution, 29.97 frames per second, 48K Hz audio with a bitrate of say, 192 or 224k bits per second.

Setting video bitrate is less straightforward. I tend not to care how big the files are and set the average bitrate at 6000kbps and use 2 pass VBR. You may find acceptable quality at lower bitrates and thus smaller files.

You have to get the avi files encoded over to mpeg2 successfully before trying to author them in a dvd. Encoding will take a fair amount of time by the way, even with a fairly fast computer. And see if you can get some better dvds once you are certain you have a good quality video to burn. Memorex could be virtually anything----they don’t seem to care what quality they sell under their brand. If you are interested in knowing the exact disks you have, run DVDIdentifier on them. Buy some Verbatim blank dvds, or some Sony disks that have MADE IN JAPAN on the label if you want the best available disks.

And to Ted1085—Super is supposed to convert avi to mpeg2 or .vob files. I have played around with the program, but don’t use it for anything serious since I have better tools available. Can’t hurt to try it, but I just ran into too many audio/video synch problems with the one step converters early on, and haven’t paid much attention to them since.

The xvid files do play alright on my computer but I have to play them in Divx player for them to work. I downloaded GSpot and here are the results to one of the xvid episodes.

When I tried to encode the videos with TMPGenc Plus I used the wizard, but the files would not open with that program so I just converted them from avi to mpg with WINAVI and then used the authorizing program because I have tried a lot of programs to try to convert these xvid files and none have worked. Converting to mpg with WINavi and then using the authorizing program did make the .VOB files work on my computer but then when I burned it the DVD did not work, so they were converted successfully. I’m not really sure why it didn’t work when I burned it. I’m thinking it might have been the menu at the beginning but I’m not sure.

I can’t really see anything amiss in gspot. Other than the fact you don’t have the xvid codec installed, so you have to use the Divx player on these files. 25 fps also—PAL source?

Just to test it, I converted an xvid file into dvd using WinAVI. The files worked in PowerDVD on my computer (though the quality is not the best—very soft). And I’m certain that they would burn onto a dvd. I used TMPGenc Author 1.6 to create a dvd and menu which could be burned. So even though I don’t use these particular tools regularly, I know that this sequence can work.

Does the dvd you’ve burned work in the computer at all? Or is it just your regular dvd player that doesn’t like it?

Working from long distance, I’m afraid I’m running out of things to suggest. For one thing I have no idea why WinAVI can convert your files and TMPGenc Plus can’t even open them. I did notice in your last post you said you converted to mpeg using WinAVI. What were the settings on the mpeg video you made? I’m just wondering if you had it set to make a dvd compliant mpeg. Gspot can show those settings.

The fact TMPGenc Plus wasn’t recognizing your xvid files was bugging me, so I did a little research. You might want to look through this guide at


Apparantly there is a tool available to change how TMPGenc Plus recognizes the file, so it will be seen as a divx video instead. Nic’s 4CC changer, Avic.exe is the tool.
Hope this helps.

I’ll look through that thank you… and the DVD didn’t play on my computer. Maybe there is something wrong with the xvid files or something.