Trouble Burning Recovered VOB Files to Playable DVD



Ok, so here is my problem: A family member of mine had a camcorder that took mini DVD’s and recorded on them (I forgot exactly what brand it was). Unfortunately, this family member apparently didn’t read the instructions and so wasn’t aware that the DVD’s had to be finalized in the camcorder and never did that. Fast forward several years to where that family member has about 50 or so of these DVD’s and then loses the camcorder. Unfortunately, none of these mini DVD’s are playable in any DVD player and are not recognizeable in any computer.

I managed to use ISOBuster to extract the BUP, IFO and VOB files from these mini DVD’s (in most cases it was 1 BUP file, 1 IFO file, and 2 VOB files, but in some cases it was more than one of each file) and can play the VOB files via Cyberlink PowerDVD. However, what I want to do is be able to combine several of these VOB’s on to a DVD (since a regular DVD can hold more than one of those mini DVD’s). Unfortunately, thus far, all my attempts at burning to a DVD have failed. In each case, there was no sound on the DVD and it only played back on one of my DVD players (which I think is a more advanced one that actually let me browse to each VOB file).

I don’t think the existing IFO and BUP files are any good since obviously the mini DVD’s didn’t play on any DVD player, so I’m wondering what I need to do in order to create a playable DVD out of these VOB files. I thought I could try using DVD Flick, but it didn’t recognize the VOB files as valid files to import. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Also, I’m running WinXP SP3, but also have a MacBook running Leopard 10.5 available if there is better software on the Mac OS (although it’d probably be easier to do it on the Windows XP laptop since all the files are already saved there).



Another approach is to find a similar brand/model camcorder to finalize the DVDs.

Once you know the camcorder brand/model you might post a message in a local message board that is technology-centered. The AVS Forum has an active sub-forum with local discussions of OTA and Cable reception. While your inquiry would be somewhat off-topic there might be someone nearby that will help. That AVS sub-forum is found here:


VoxHumana - thanks for your reply. I already managed to recover all the VOB’s, so I feel like at this point all I need to do is figure out how to burn them correctly to a new DVD. Plus, I’d like to fit the contents of multiple mini-DVD’s onto one DVD so that I can have fewer DVD’s in the end…


See here and choose your tool:

I’d start with DVDShrink or DVDRebuilder.


Plus, I’d like to fit the contents of multiple mini-DVD’s onto one DVD so that I can have fewer DVD’s in the end…

I’d first try DVDshrink as stated…Use Re-author mode and if you prefer backup/copy to DVD-9 disc for fewer DVD’s…Your choice!..I do use DVDRB, except IIRC, it does not allow creating DVD from several compilations…I’ll stand corrected, if someone corrects me…:slight_smile:


Thanks for your suggestions - a quick note…the size of the data on one mini-DVD is only about 1.4 GB so I’m assuming a regular DVD should be able to hold the data of about 3 mini-DVD’s. From the name of the program (DVDShrink), I’m assuming that the program is intended to shrink/compress/reduce video quality in order to make more fit on one DVD, but I’d rather not reduce the video quality of the recovered VOB’s since there is no need to in order to make 3 of them fit on one DVD. Am I correct, or is there some way to use DVDShrink without reducing the quality of the recovered VOB’s and still allowing it to create a playable end-result DVD?

Thanks again!


If your DVD compilation does not exceed the disc’s max capacity, then the setting ‘No Compression’ [I]will[/I] be achieved…And therefore no further quality loss…