Trouble burning MCC -R media with 1.07 firmware

I just purchased a 50pk of Verbatim 4x -R media. (MCC 01RG20)
So far i’ve had a 20% success rate.
I’m using Nero
I thought MCC was great media, but I’ve been getting
SCSI Command errors, and sometimes the burn would freeze halfway through the burn. I’ve made too many coasters.
I’ve had to reboot the computer since the drive would lock up.
DVD shrink - auto to Nero, brings up a list of errors… (log errors), and won’t start the burn.
I have been able to burn RicohR01, and ProdiscS03 media without any problems.
I have been using the Stock 1.07, Stock 1.06, and Herrie’s 107v2b5, and a couple of TDB’s firmwares.
Is it the version of Nero that I’m using ? If so what’s the least troublesome version of Nero ?
I’ve gotten 2 discs to burn ok with DVD Decryptor.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I’ve already burnt 10 of those 4x DVD-R @ 8x with stock 1.06 firmware without any problem and also with the same version of Nero.

I think it was just problems with Nero and the MCC media. I’ve burnt these in DVD decrypter and Record Now, and they’ll burn fine. However i still get a PI/PO spike at the very end of the disc using Kprobe. I’m using the Stock 1.07 firmware. Richohjpn01-02 media burn terrific, very low PI/PO. Is the error spike at the end of the disc normal with these MCC’s ? Also what are acceptable levels with PI/PO in the new Kprobe 2.1 ?
I heard somewhere PI 230 and PO 30 is an ok scan.

Yeah, I’ve gotten piss poor burns that wouldn’t complete too. They’s also fail in dvd decrypter too. I wonder where I can get the stock 1.06 fw.

You should definitely update your version of Nero! is out and contains quite a few bug fixes! (especially when using a 2510 based firmware)

I heard some bad things about Nero

but haven’t tried it yet.
Maybe I will and check out the results.
Also I hate to ask about this, but I heard there was a registry edit, to set the maximum speed of burns for the 2500.
I’d like to keep mine @ 4x for quality, because i notice some Kprobe scan show a sudden jump when the speeds hit 6x and 8x.

I think the stock fw (1.06) is on the website, and tdb’s site also.
but i’m not sure which one’s better the 12-19-03 version or the 1-8-04.
I’ve heard the older one might do better with quality.