Trouble burning DVD's



Hi there- I have a Panasonic Video to DVD recorder model: DMR-ES35V which I love. The trouble I am having is when I take the finalized disc and try to burn an extra DVD in my computer. I have ROXIO 6 when I put the DVD in-- a ROXIO window pops up that says " YOU HAVW CHOSEN TO COPY A MULTISESSION DVD RECORDABLE DISC USING A SINGLE DRIVE( AS BOTH THE SOURCE AND DESTINATION) WILL YOU BE USING DVD-R MEDIA AS THE DESTINATION DISC? It then gives the option to say YES or NO and says either way it will copy but it aborts before it is finished. How do I make this work? Could someone please advise. I can copy other DVD’s that people give me with no trouble so what is the problem ?



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Most probably you just need a tool like FixVTS. (Basically prooblem is the file extention differs on standalones and computer burns.)

But when backing up original DVD’s I’ve to agree to above poster about tools might be needed, [best off all, all these tools are freewares]. :wink:


Sorry [B]pinto2[/B] but our friend was spamming the forums with that post content and it’s been deleted as off-topic here (it referred to getting round commercial copy protections).

I’ve always found the best solution to copy stuff from DVD recorders is to make an image of the original using ImgBurn in ‘read’ mode; then write that to a new disc in ‘write’ mode. Otherwise copying software can get hung up on the VR structure of the original.


the trouble i am having is not from copyrighted material I am just copying old family VHS’s to save on DVD and then when I take the finalized DVD out of my PANASONIC burner and place it in my ROXIO to burn a backup that message comes up all the time at ROXIO Could someone please help with a solution

Thank you Richard