Trouble burning DVD's



I’m using DVD santa 3.45 to burn DVD’s. have a Philips dvd±rw. using BenQ 8x dvd+r. Up until last week I had no trouble burning dvd’s, just got the odd coaster. The last 5 I have tried burning have all been coasters. I had to reflash my dvd burner with CD21.
I usually get an error when I try to burn. Either that or the program freezes, I have been successful in burning a couple discs, but they won’t play in either my pc or with my dvd player.


BenQ 8x dvd+r could be that your drive dislikes these media. could be a bad batch of discs. could be the current phase of the moon. always use latest fimware unless you KNOW that latest is crap. try another burning program