Trouble Burning Dvd?



WELL. i have alot of video in my computer that i want to burn to a dvd-r and last week i burned a dvd-r it took i think like 2 hours to burn and i just recently bought a 2.0 pci card and my burner is new why did it take long to burn and i also saw that the thing that makes it slow its the transcoding before the actual burn? well iam a rookie??? i need help what can be wrong? or whats the best program to use >?please help asap!


It all depend to the type platform you Video is in and the type program you are using and whether or not that program has proper plug in for you Video format. Having said that, the two hours time is not that bad or extreme.


well iam using nero ultra edition and what are the different types of videos formats? iam getting videos from my hardrive and burning them onto a dvd-r. well they video formats are mostly wma or avi i need help please help me


Then read the following: