Trouble Burning DVD-R DL on Pioneer DVR-109

I have A Pioneer DVR-109 with firmware updated to ver 1.58
I have windows 2000
I’m using the latest verions of nero 6 and DVDD
I have DMA mode activated for my DVD writer.
I never had issues with DVD-R single layer.

I can’t seem to get my backups of movies on DVD-R DL to play back past the 1/2 point on my DVD players. I’ve tried 3 different home players and have the same problem.

I’ve been trying the DVDD ISO read/ ISO write method.
All of the default settings in DVDD are being used.
All seems to go okay in the writing phase.
I did notice that DVDD says NO to DVD-R DL media in the drive configurations tab. Could this be the issue?

Thanks to all in advence.

DVD-R DL has lots of compatibility problems with standalone players… And you didn’t mention what media you have, if it’s anything other that Verbatim, there may be a high amount of errors at the layer break. Try some Verbatim DVD+R DL, bitset to DVD-ROM.

Thanks for the response. I just purchased 100 RIDATA 8.5 GB double layer DVD-R DL 4X discs.

I just realized I haven’t gotten a good response when writing to the DVD using the ISO write in DVDD. The computer doesn’t even seem to read the disc after burning in ISO mode.

I tried the old fashion way of using file mode and using nero just like single layer discs, but those discs hang when the layer break issue comes into play. So I know the home DVD player can read it, I’m just having trouble with the layer break.

It appears that DVDD isn’t performing as it should. Am I missing a setting somewhere? It seems odd to me that the Tools>Drive>Capabilities window displayes DVD-R DL: NO and yes to regular media.

Definitely the poor RiData media. Sorry you purchased 100. :frowning:

See if you can return em and get some DVD+R DL from Verbatim.

Wow, I’m sorry to hear it could be the media :frowning:
I thought the media might be good because some forms of writing such as using nero’s dvd video mode completed & the discs were watchable up till the 2nd layer came to play.

After reading the posts about all the issues with the layer jumping stuff it seemed to me that nero would not produce disks that would play the 2nd layer. That was why I thought I was doing something wrong…

So you really think it has to be the media? I got them over a month ago and probably won’t be able to return 'em.

Yes, it’s the media. It could give acceptable results with some latest burners…
But in general, if you want to deal with -R DL, just stick to Verbatim only.

and skip Nero for any DL thing!
Use Imgburn instead!!