Trouble burning CD's

I get a “Track analysis failed” in Ashampoo every time I try to burn a CD. I tried it on both my HP laptops same result. I tried different tracks and only 1 track same result. I figured I had bad Memorex cd’s so I bought Sony ones same result. Then I figured it was Ashampoo but windows media said it was burning and disc was blank and Itunes burned but all the files were 1Kb. Driver says up to date. I have burned dvd’s on one of these laptops before (files to a dvd not an actual playable dvd) so I know they can burn. Kind of stumped here as to where to go next.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

What are your source files ?

[QUOTE=cholla;2676639]What are your source files ?[/QUOTE]

the files are .mp3

Are you trying to make an audio cd, or are you simply trying to burn to the disc as data?

One way to make an audio cd is to use ImgBurn to make a cue file from your list of mp3’s. Then use ImgBurn to burn the cue file to the disc. Tutorial here:
ImgBurn is a free burning program that will not interfere with any other burning programs you might have installed.

If you have an issue with the actual burn to the disc, get the log file from ImgBurn and paste it in this thread. The log file can be found by clicking Help in ImgBurn.

I was going to give the same advice as Kerry56.
I was looking for the link he posted.
That is how I burn Audio CDs except I usually use .wav files.

Thanks everyone for your quick responses. Kerry56 ImgBurn worked no problem. Burned quick and played in my car cd player so all is well in the land again.