Trouble burning audio with GSA-4166B

Hi there,
I’m pretty aware of the fact that there’s at least one thread dealing with the problem I’m facing but:
1.The thread is about GSA-4167B
2.I’ve already tried burning the audio CD using nero’s DAO/96 but it couldn’t get me any further; the audio track won’t even play om the PC(!)
The burning process runs flawlessly, no errors of any sort, I can see the burned audio track on the CD but I just cannot play it(!)
I’ve just updated my drive’s firmware to v1.02, no success :frowning:
Drive hooked on the secondary IDE chanel as Master.
Applications used:
Prassi Ones 2.0.326
TCBurner 0.9.3 (a Total Commander plug-in)

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Athlon 64 3500+
Asus A8V Deluxe Rev 2.0
Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro
S-ATA Samsung SP1614C
2x512MB PC400 CL2 OCZ Platinum Rev 2.0 TCCD
QTechnology Papst Series 400W
[WinXP Pro_SP1]

The problems with the 4167B were due to a bug in that drive. It was fixed with a new version of firmware. So that problem has probably got nothing to do with yours.

What discs are you using?

Thanks for replying mate,
Well, I’ve tried Intenso CD-Rewritable 4x-10x so far.
I should have mentioned, burning Data Cds works like a charm.

Did you use the same CD-RWs for burning data? Because the writer doesn’t really do anything terribly different for burning audio compared to data CDs. Different data gets fed to it, but that is about it. So if data works, audio CDs should work.

Yes I did and burning data CDs has always been successful so far. I just don’t get it …

Are you talking about a 4167b or a 4166b???

You say in the title its a 4166b, then you say in the post that its a 4167b. You also continue to say that you updated your drive with 1.02 firmware. This must make it a 4166b as the 4167b firmware is like this: ‘DL13’

The 4167b updated its firmware to DL13 which fixed the audio problem. I’m not aware that a 4166b has any problems burning audio cds.

Try using a different brand of cds. Also make sure that you are actually burning an Audio CD and not just putting mp3s onto a data disc.

My problem addresses the 4166B drive.
The reason why I mentioned 4167B is that I had already read the thread concerning the 4167B drive before posting mine you see …
I’m quite well acquainted with computers and applications but this is really peculiar.
The only thing I haven’t tried so far is another brand of CDs, I’ll post back as soon as I get 'round to it.

Ok, just to let you know. The 4166b and 4167b are completely different drives which are based on completely different chipsets (4166b = Panasonic Chipset, 4167b = Renesas Chipset).

So the audio problems that the 4167b had should not have transfered over to the 4166b.

It is most likely that your cds are to blame. You could try burning the disc in normal Disc At Once Mode (instead of dao/96) to see if that changes anything.

Alrighty, I’ve just picked another brand ( I would have done it already if I had gotten one but well … ) and everything seems ok now :iagree:
Nero + DAO/96 + Platinum cd-r + 16x
Thanks a lot lads!