Trouble Burning Audio CDs

Hi, this is my first post and I really need some help with Burning CDs

I’m not really much of a computer person, but I wouldnt say im computer-illiterate, I just really need help.

Ok these are the specs of my laptop:

[B]Intel Pentium M 725A Processor 1.6GHz

400 MHz FSB

2 MB Cache

512 MB RAM

50 GB Hard Drive

DVD ReWriter Drive

15.4" Widescreen Display

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

128 MB Intel 915GM shared graphics [/B]

The software I am using to burn is SONIC record now (came as the stnadard burning software with the laptop)

Anyway, there is no problem in making the audio CD’s themselves, the problem comes when I play them in a CD player. The first few tracks are fine, and the CD player reads the disc fine. However, when it come to about the 5 track, the CD starts to crackle. The crackle gradually gets worse as the CD goes on.

Can anyone tell me what is going wrong, and how I can prevent the disks going fuzzy/crackling after just a few tracks.


p.s. I dont’ think it is the discs themselves as I have tried both JVC and Memorex blank CDs and the problem was the same :a :sad:

Maybe with other media like Verbatim branded Taiyo Yuden(Pastels), or genuine unbranded TY.

Try burning the CDs below your burners maximum speed, e.g. slower than 24x.

Try other CD-R media of high quality, such as Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim Pastel (which are also Taiyo Yuden), Verbatim DataLifePlus.

Where are you located? If you’re in the UK, Curry’s or PC World sell Taiyo Yuden-made CDRs (Verbatim branded, look for “Made in Japan” on the spindle packaging).

DrageMester’s suggestion is also good, I like to burn my audio at 16x :slight_smile:

Ok so you guys reckon its probably a problem with the disks?

I’ve tried burning at slower speeds and through different formats (SONIC/WINDOWS MEDIA) and the problem seems the same every time :confused:

You may well be right, the Memorex CDs at least played the whole way through and with less crackling. The JVC high-quality ones I bought are just useless, doesnt even recognise tracks 7 onwards :a

You could also try Burrrn ( as you might find it easier to use. It’s free and does a good job.

I’ve had very poor results with Memorex CDs in the past. Verbatims are a sound choice - not meant as a pun - with the Pastels & Super AZO being the best.

If you are UK based & take Arachne’s advice about Curry’s/PCW then it’s only the 50packs that are MIJ. But even with a TY dye these are an unknown quantity as yet.