Trouble burning an MP3 File

Hi guys I downloaded an Audio file .mp3 its an audio book and burnt it to an Imation CD-RW disk and it plays in my 2 computers and my LG DVD player but not in my Car mp3/WMA CD player, so I did a full format and burnt it again @ 4times speed and still it wont play in my car which is an 18 month old Hyundai Getz.
The software I’m using is Nero Express 6 I set it to verify data on disk after burning and I do not check the box for “Allow files to be added later (multisession disk)”

I burnt is as a Data Disk as I always do for music and photo’s so I just tried it again and full formatted it and burnt it as a music MP3 Disk but still no good in the car it starts of by saying READING then there is a string of 0’s with a 1 in there like a track number and stays at that

Can anyone give me any clues why it doesnt work in the car the car player plays CD’s OK

Some car CD players don’t like RW media. Try a CD-R. My Tevion
CD/MP3 player is quite fussy about file names. If your MP3 has
any strange characters in the filename, it might stop the
player from reading it. Try renaming it with a simple DOS
and ISO9660 compliant name like audio1.mp3

Thanks for that skelton I’ll give it a try

I just tried it with a CD-R and burnt it as a music MP3 disk and its the same it starts of by saying reading then I get this on the display
001 00:00 that resembles tracks but it stays there.
I wonder if I burn it as a “Disk Image or saved project” would that be any better
I would appreciate any advice thanks

Your car’s MP3 player probably only supports MPEG1 Layer 3. Most audiobooks are MPEG2 or 2.5.

Thanks for your reply this is new to me I dont know much about mp3 I just checked the file that I want to burn and it says:-

Track number 1
Duration 10:13:17
Type:MP3 Format Sound
Bit rate : 32kbps
protected: no
Size 143 MB

Is there anything I can do perhaps change the format or something?

Hi i use nero 6.6 a lot and if u use it quite a bit go to cd audio mp3 cd and try burning it that way coz it works for me or it maybe the stereo in ur car doesn’t accept copy cds i use datasafe cds and they r quite good

Hi MCDupr1 thanks for your reply but I have tried both rewritable and normal CD’s with out success (only in my car but they work elswhere) and I have tried “cd audio mp3 cd” so I’m not sure what the problem is.

Just an update I tried playing the audio file on my computer before burning and it worked OK till a section just past the middle where it went really fast (chipmunks) then back to normal so the file must be faulty so thanks to everyone who tried to help.