Trouble burning a data DVD

I wrote an app that burns data CDs using Nero 6 and the older SDK. It was just a modification of the NeroFiddles sample program. I am now using SDK 1.08 and Nero 6. I am also trying to convert the application to burn DVDs. I am working in VB and NeroCom. I have tried replacing the NERO_TYPE_CD parameter in the call to burnIsoAudio track with NERO_TYPE_DVD_ANY, but the application keeps telling me I have the wrong type of disc.

Can anyone point point me in the right direction? I’d love to take a look at some sample code that burns data DVDs .

Thanks in advance.

Search my previous posts - I’ve posted some working code previously.

Note if you ever intend to upgrade to Nero 7 there seems to be a bug which means you can’t combine CD and DVD burning flags - unfortunately Nero tech support has abandoned these boards