Trouble backing up "Up in the air"

I keep getting an error message while trying to back up “Up in the air”. Any suggestions?


What version are you using? Pro Standard, Xpress, Ultimate of v4? What version number are you using? Click about to get that information. What plugin are you using? Machinist, DVD43,AnyDVD?

machinist and v2.9.9.8

Version 2 is about to be at it’s end of life cycle. You may want to try v4 and if that works look into purchasing that. Also if there is still trouble you could make a .bin file to make the backup as well.

Download v4 -

If needed how to use NTU -

The machinist is still needed and there is a 3 day trial on this so give it a shot as I doubt I can talk them into putting out a v2 update as it has already been 9 months since the last update to version 2 and v3 and v4 are updated frequently as needed.