Trouble backing up some 360 games



i have been backingup 360 games a couple of months ive done 20 with no problems untill about a week ago since then i had 3 fails left4dead 2 lego indana jones 2 and dragon age …im useing the same setup i always have samsung dvd rom with kreon xbox backup creator abgx360 and imgburn and im useing the same spindle of dvd+r dl … when i put these games in my 360 it says play dvd and i get i white screen with xbox 360 logo…is there some new copy protection on these new games or do u think im doing something wrong?plzzz help all info would be great


All these games are wave 4, you have a few options

1 flash a non stealth FW

2 if you have a BenQ or samsung drive flash iXtreme 1.61

3 use the activate.iso disc

The way you use the activate disc is you but it in the 360 then the drive will load the next disc no matter how the stealth is


They are not fails. If u have any other drive except LITEON patch it with firmware 1.61. If u have LITEON then burn an activate.iso disc and before u put in the wave 4 game, boot the activate.iso disk.


ty for the info but im very new to this so can u explain how to make a activate.iso disc plzzzzz


it comes with the lite-on 1.6 fw re download it from xbins extract the file named activate.iso then burn it to a DVD+R DL disc with IMGburn, it will ask you if you want to burn all the data to the first layer say yes.

put the activate disc in your xbox it will say play DVD eject the disc then insert your wave 4 game and it will load

If you have jungle flasher I think there is a direct link to the iso somewhere on the app


]ok im 99 % sure i have a benQ with iXtreme 1.51 and im not up to flashing my xbox as im very new to this can someone put a link in for a Activate.iso download so i can make a activate.iso disk plzzzz


activate.iso only works on 1.6

you need winrar installed to extract the file


kk tyvm for all the help i tried activate.iso so i must have 1.51 ill just have to spend the 50 bucks and get my 360 reflashed with 1.61 so thanks again for all the help:cool: