Trouble backing up PSX games

What settings should i use for backing-up playstation games? I read a post about it and downloaded the profiles but the same problem still occurs. My Playstation does not detect a playstation game CD on startup and so goes directly to the memory card manager screen.

Can anyone help?


Has your PSX the ability to read backupped discs?

Does you psx have a modchip in it??

Originally posted by RDJ
Does you psx have a modchip in it??

Ssssssjjjjtttt that’s wat I meant to say :slight_smile:

they wont work without a mod chip.take psx disc and compare with a cdr.the cdr is thicker than the psx disc!that because the clear plastic bottom (botttom of psx or cdr) act as a when you insert that disc(cdr)the console doesnt read it.backup copies of psx will play in a computer with an emulator.the lens in a psx console is set differently that the intention to stop you from playing backups.a modchip will correct this problem.a good emulator is vgs but doesnt work in xp.epse does but requires configuration if you decide to try the backup in your computer.

the console doesnt recognize it as a psx disc because it is lacking the country codes that are present (guess) before the lead in. read the ‘expert forum’, whatever it is called nowadays. modchips dont fix lenses - there is no problem with the lense.

im not talking about the read talking about the clear plastic bottom of the disc (that acts as a lens when the laser shoots light through it.i know of one person who was able to play cdrs backup in the console(he sanded them down!!!) now for the country codes(scph binaries ie 10001001 something like that)yes its the subcode on the disc.the mod chip affect the calibration intensity of the lens thus allowing backups to play.dont believe me .take a micrometer and measure a cdr and a psx disc there is a for swap file crap the boot disc they talk about needs an additional piece of hardware that inserts into the mem cant get that by downloading a file.Here’s a website to help you
they say mod chip!mod chip!

yes, i do have a modchip installed. and i’ve had no trouble playing back-ups other people have made for me.

I heard that when you have a modchip in your PSX (playstation 1) and you make your backups with CDRWin from Goldenhawk, you should have no problems running these.

Don’t think it even matters much what kind of media you use, but to be on the safe side, using higher quality media never hurts.

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now for the country codes(scph binaries ie 10001001 something like that)yes its the subcode on the disc.

check the expert forum - its NOT the subcode.

yes agreed!