Trouble backing up my AvP2

I have been trying to backup my AvP2 disks. I searched here but I still cant figure it out. I have CloneCD, Alcohol 120% 1.9.5 . I cant figure this out. Can I get some help on what to use to make an iso and burn it with?

I’m guessing you want to create a disc image so you don’t have to keep getting the CD out to play the game every time - a reasonable request.

Here are some specifications for the AVP2 CD found on via Google:

Title	 	        Alien V Predator 2 ( Avp 2 )
Format	 	        PC-CDROM
Number of Discs	 	2
Copy Protection	 	Securom
Read Device	 	Plextor 241040A
Read Option(s)	 	Wizard Securom 1/2

As you can see, the game uses Securom copy-protection. If you are making an image of your disc using A120%, I suggest using the Image Maker Wizard, and choosing “Securom” from the Datatype option list in the bottom-left corner of the wizard. This will enable “Skip reading errors” and “Read Sub-Channel data”. Go ahead and read your disc image, which you can then mount in the A120% virtual drive to play the game.

Can confirm this works with the original retail boxed AVP2 (patched up to current official v1.0.9.6 update) and Alchohol 120% v1.9.5.

You may be able to use A120%'s Image Burning Wizard to create a backup disc from which to play, but in my opinion you’re as well off using the Virtual Drive method as long as you’ve got plenty of drive space, as it neatly removes all that TEDIOUS DISC SWAPPING - which, lets be honest, is what we thought we were promised would happen after we bought the large hard disks and performed “[I]complete[/I]” installations.

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