Trouble backing up movies with Nero

On my computer i have DVD ghost, anyDVD and DVDshrink i seem to be able to copy DVD’s easily but i find with newer ones when i go into NERO to burn them it wont let me burn and says the files may be unwatchable does any know how i can fix this :confused:

Dvd Ghost?
I think this is a total crap app! Personally i’d use anydvd instead of the mentioned tool. Also what for versions you’ve, generally i mean anydvd and nero?

Hi there Weige it seems that you do not have troubles copying ghost but can not copy other dvd movies am i reading this correctly? Perhaps you require the latest version of anyDVD that will cope with the most up-to-date copy protection schematics Yourwelcome

DVD Ghost is a Dectrypter/Region free tool form the same company which also sells/develops the “fake” CloneDVD (DVD X Studios; | Must be carp if you ask me ;).

something sounds fishy to me :bigsmile:


Yeah thanks heaps where would i be able to find the latest version of anydvd?

Oh yeah and also i can burn like older dvd’s but more recent ones they will copy to a folder no worries but then they wont burn

You will notice that the word at the end of your post is blue. Click on it and it will take you to a review on the mainpage and then you can click on. You can then click on eiterh anyDVD, slysoft or trial there and it will take you direct to slyseoft where you can get the programme.

Most probably at :smiley:

Hey ive downloaded anyDVD 5943 or something? And it still wont burn when put in nero there is a message coming up when i click burn the message says that “DVD files relocation failed. The resulting DVD-video might be unplayable. Do you want to continue?” Any idea what to do?

What version of nero do you have and what proceedure are you using?

Well my process is 1st i insert the dvd go into anydvd and copy it to my folder and then go into my nero and click burn dvd and then add the files in and click burn and thats where my troubles are i dont know what version it is it just says nero start smart?

Go to the nero website and download the latest version of the program.

Are you copying from an original disk? If so, nero recode would be the best program to use to burn as it is designed for copying dvd’s, plus like shrink, it can compress if nesasary.
Once you have copied the file to your computer, put them in a folder called VIDEO_TS. in nero start smart, find the icon “copy entire dvd-video”. That should copy the movie properlly. By the way, if you have anydvd running, it is usally not nesasary to to copy to the hard drive manually like that. Just use the “copy entire dvd-video” option, find the VIDEO_TS folder on the actual dvd that you want to copy and select it to import. anydvd should run in the background and take care of the copy guard. This should work for all except for a few of the latest macrovision protected movies.

Thanks heaps yeah i have to copy it because i do not have a seperate dvd drive on my comp

You mean that you only have one dvd burner and no other dvd drives? That doesn’t matter. Nero recode will just prepare the files on your hard drive for you and then ask you to insert a blank disk when it is ready to burn (you just swap disks).

sick thanks heaps

It’s great that you make such a positive contribution to the forum after people help you.:a

You’ve really expanded peoples vocabulary … after your last few posts.