Trouble backing up IL2

I have tried backing up Sturmovik IL2 (safedisc 2)with no success.
I used clony and the latest CCD, my burner is mitsumi (sanyo) CRD 1300p 1.06. I think maybe my burner is the problem as I know someone with a TEAC was sucessful. Any comments?

Does anyone know which Safedisc 2 version this game is infected with? I would give a it try with latest Alcohol 120% or Discdump/Fireburner.

The german version of IL-2 Sturmovik is Safedisc - 2.40.011
Not sure about the english version.

Tried Alcohol 120% with no success, does anybody else use this burner?

Have you tried with the Discdump/Fireburner combo?