Trouble backing up ice age: the meltdown& you me and dupree

i am using DVDFab Gold when i put the movie in it says error while reading it then it shuts down. please any help would be great. before this i never had a problem with the program.

Hi alba135569 and welcome to cdfreaks,

Take a look at the first thread, DVDFab is out. It appears to have a bug and crashes.
I usually just install the final versions, but happened to be late this time and read over some user comments.

Looks like I’ll hold off until Fengtao puts in the fix…shouldn’t be long… :wink:

ok thanks alot

I backed up both of those movies yesterday and had no problems with the new version of DVD fab, however I do have some pixulation on You, Me and Dopree that I am attriuting to either my media or my DVD player ( I think its the player).