Trouble backing up fun with dick and jane

i bought fun with dick and jane and tried to make a back up copy since my son has taken a liking to this movie. i have tried using any dvd version, dvdsanta, dvdfab and dvd shrink and have not been able to make a playable copy. dvd fab copied the movie but when i put it into my stand alone dvd player and dvd rom drive it just plays a black screen and no audio but goes through the chapters. i’m in region 1. any advice or help would be welcomed. thanks in advance.

I had the same problem as you. I am almost sure you may have a dvd that is not mastered proprerly or messed up during the manufacturing process. A few have had the same problem and my sollution was to get another dvd and I had no problem using anydvd and clonedvd2 to backup the dvd with both full and wide screen versions and all the extras. Good luck. If you do a search There are a least 2 other threads on this-I started 1.

thanks for the info…i’ll try and get another copy and try it.

I had the same trouble with dick and jane, they have a newier version of dvdfab decryter out that got the job done for me that you might want to check out. Just google DVDFAB UPDATE and download.