Trouble backing up DVD

I was trying to back up a DVD… I copied the files onto my hard drive and burned them onto a DL disk, and tried playing it, and the disk was all messed up. The sound and audio both skipped and stuttered. The menu visuals were stuck on the FBI warning, though the sound on the menu plays, albiet skipping and stuttering. The original copy plays just fine. Then I tried playing the copied files directly from the hard drive and the same problem was present. I tried copying the original disk again and playing the files from the hard drive, and the same problem was present. I did use a copy protection decoder to copy the files, but what exactly is the problem here? The original is not in the best of shape, but why should that make the copy play worse than the original. Any help would be great, thanks.

Could be anything:

  • your codecs suck (download new dvd playback software)
  • your computer sucks (too slow)
  • your dvd decoder sucks (old version of decrypter or something, use ripit4me)
  • your media sucks (scratches)
  • your new media sucks (bad quality disc)

Thanks for the response!

I’ll try this.

  • your computer sucks (too slow)

My computer is a few years old but I should be having this problem more often if that’s the case…

  • your dvd decoder sucks (old version of decrypter or something, use ripit4me)

I’ll definitely try this.

  • your media sucks (scratches)

It does suck, but then, shouldn’t the playback for the original disc be affected?

  • your new media sucks (bad quality disc)

No, it’s a brand new disc… plus like I said I played the DVD files straight off the hard drive so it has nothing to do with the new media.

What proggy’s are you using for your backups?..

It is the software. Would be easier, if you could specify what software do you use. (Well, I am almost sure it is DVD Cloner).

I was using DECSS. I just tried it with DVD Decrypter 3.2.5 and played the files off my hard drive and it appears to be working fine now.

Do Proggy’s = program being used to rip the DVD? In this case that would be Nero, I basically make a data DVD with a VIDEO_TS folder. That has worked before. I have DVD Shrink but last time I tried it with DVD shrink it wanted to duplicate the files again without simply burning the files that were there. Maybe I didn’t have the correct options selected.

Another quick question, is there a way to strip previews from DVDs?

I’m not familiar with DECSS …I woud use DVDFab Platinum 30 day free trial …yes proggy= program…Why make a data DVD? just burn your DVDD ripped file… use shrink if you need to compress to DVD-5 disk…
you can use shrink in re-author mode to burn main movie only no previews…
you could also use VoBblanker to remove stuff/previews/crap not needed or desired…
what media type are you using?

t0nee1 sounds right on with the info he has supplied. there is however more detailed guides provided at doom9

never heard of DeCSS either, did a search on

Hacked By a 15-Year Old

The software was engineered through a hacker network known as MoRE (Masters of Reverse Engineering) that obtained some of the CSS code. It was completed by 15-year-old Jon Lech Johansen, a Norwegian student, ostensibly to play DVDs on his Linux machine. However, Johansen released the final version over the Internet in late 1999, causing considerable dismay to the DVD movie industry. Other “DVD ripping” programs, such as DVD Decrypter, were later created by different parties.

DECSS is just the program one of my friends told me about when I installed the DVD burner. But I have DVD Decrypter now…

Anyway, using DVD decrypter and ripit4me I was able to successfully make a backup. But I’ll definitely keep t0nee1 and troy512’s advice in mind for future projects. Thanks for the help.

DeCSS willbe used by DVDDecrypter if ts necessary to decrypt — the reason why DVDDecrypter development had been stopped and Imgburn were born.