Trouble backing up any Star Wars DVD


I’m using TMPGEnc Mpeg Editor (version 1.32.98) and AnyDVD version to backup my DVD collection and transcode to Mpeg 2 video and Mpeg I, layer 2 for the audio. The reason I’m re-encoding is I’m using MCE 2005 with several media center extenders, which only support Mpeg 2 and Mpeg I, layer two for the audio.

So far, this combination has worked flawlessly. Every one of my DVD’s have come over, quality has been excellent, AnyDVD has worked everytime. EXCEPT now that I’ve gotten to my Star Wars DVDs. TMPGEnc fails with a “Divide by 0” error message when it’s re-encoding the movie. I have tried their tech support and their official position is that they can’t help me because I’m trying to copy copywrited dvd’s (blah blah, I OWN them, I can do what I want with them). But they did say that I should check with the AnyDVD folks to see if possibly it isn’t decrypting the DVD correctly and therefore causing the TMPGEnc to fail.

Any ideas?

I believe you selected the wrong forum to post in, this is the CloneDVD forum not the AnyDVD forum, you are limiting your chances of getting your problem solved.
You say you are using AnyDVD, I have not heard about any issues copying Star Wars Return Of The Sith, I assume that is the one you are trying to copy although there are 6 movies in that series. I believe your problem lies elsewhere.

I have never heard of TMPGEnc Mpeg Editor, possibly the problem may lie with that program. Why don’t you post on the AnyDVD forum and be sure to include the log file from AnyDVD.

Good Luck

It is not an AnyDVD issue. All 3 SW prequel movies are easy decryptions for AnyDVD. But the problem “Divide by 0” error you are having is because all 3 of the star wars prequels have multi angle titlesets which give an overall false size readout of the original movie’s real data size. I.E. the false readout shows your software FAR too much data to even fit on a commercial disk.

Also why re-encode? Keep it 1:1 if you are burning dual layer or split if you are not. Or am I misunderstanding? I fully admit I don’t under stand the TMPGEnc/MCE 2005 with several media center extenders/layer/audio thing you are trying to do.

The star wars subject has been discussed extensively on the CloneDVD or AnyDVD forums and suggest you use the cdf “advanced search” feature to read posts about how the movie has been backed up using CloneDVD.

I don’t think anyone here is using software as sophisticated as yours but CloneDVD solutions may shed some light on what you are trying to do.

here’s one thread to read through but go to post #12 for an expaination of the angle thing:
and I might add that the split method described in this thread also works for a Dual Layer media burn.

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