Trouble backing up alias the whole season

The reason I joined this forum is bc i have been having trouble copying a lot of dvds latley. I use Anydvd from slysoft but today even that program would not work for me. I tried to copy alias the whole season. I could only get half of it to copy everything seems fine when burning but when i put the copy in dvd player only 2 of 4 episodes will play. Anyone have any better softer for recomendation?

Do you have the latest version? You might want to report that in AnyDVD forum.

Another alternative is RipIt4Me (freeware).

yea I have tried may programs. This is the 1st dvd I have not been able to duplicate. I can get it to burn but not the whole dvd only the 1st 2 episodes of each disks.

O yea and I do have the latest version of anydvd isnt it right?

Latest AnyDVD version is Is your rip 100% successful - no errors? Did you rip in full mode in all ripper programs you tried: AnyDVD, RipIt4Me, DvdFab Decrypter?

Alias - what season? R1?

If no errors in ripping (check the log if any), and you have problem burning, then it’s either your burner (updated F/W?), media, or the software burning program you’re using.

the burn process seems to go fine but the backup will not play 2 of the epsodes it will only play the 1st 2 it is like that with all the dvds of alias season 4. I have tried to copy the 1 st 3