Trouble arranging files by album and file name



i have some songs that i want to burn to a cd in a certain order, ther are name 01 - blah balh 02 -blach lach and so on. the albums are named the same. when i press the button to arrange in albums its works, but the file are in a random, if not strange number pattern: 3,6,2,4,8, like this… i want to arrage them in album 1-12 and in those ablum i want the songs arranged in number order (1-8)




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@ qwerty4030
you could try to rename them like ‘AATT’ for album ‘aa’ and track ‘tt’. Put the numbers at the very front of the name so 2nd album, 3rd track would be ‘0203’, album 12 song 8 would be ‘1208’. I would hope there is a better way, but this would work…

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that wat i did…