Trouble after upgrading DVD Fab

1 have been using dvdfab for 3 years all of a sudden after updating from version 309.8 a copy wont work on any dvd player it works on any computer but no players i have done everthing i can think of its the same on my laptop and desk top i need help john jarman or //email address edited out//

Try to burn this same file with same media but with different burning program (Nero, ImgBurn) see if the result would be different.

Have you changed blank media you use to Dvd+R?

Transferring to the DVD Fab forum…

That is the exact problem I am having. I have been using dvdfab platinum and it copies and plays great in my samsung dvd player, but when I upgraded to newer software the discs won’t play in my samsung dvd player but play fine in my pc. People keep telling me to change discs, I use taiyo yuden 16x dvd-r discs, but they play and copy fine using dvdfab platinum so it is not the discs. I do have the latest firmware too. This is weird.

I use TY dash Rs without problems on I always update when a new one is released, but have heard of some old settings not being updated when skipping several versions.