Tron - The Soundtrack on CD



Recently the soundtrack to Tron was released on CD...all digitally remastered, blah blah blah.... It was never released on Compact Disc format before and now I was happy to see it was and immediately bought it. It has no label warning of Copy Protection, but when I played it on my laptop crashed and would go to some text screen with all kinds of error messages I couldn't read because it scrolled up really fast. Is this a lousy form of copy protection? I am really ticked that I can't listen to TRON (A computer movie) on my COMPUTER. It's the orignal disc too...I know DISNEY is a struggling company and it needs every dollar someone will offer it because it must only make billions every year in profits... Does anyone else have experience with this CD or a similiar incident happen to you?


My only experience with Copy protected audio is limited, but normally I find that the disk is not recognised at all.

Could the disk have been a mixed mode disk, and what you saw was actually the disk autoplaying…? Daft I know, but remembering the film maybe not.

BTW, and way off topic; where did you get it from?


Got it at the PX (Post Exchange) store here in Korea on an Army camp.

TRON was a classic, one of the first CGI movies really…

I heard a Tron 2.0 was in the works…sound weird, but I’ll be sure to see it when it comes out.