Tron 2.0 beta testers wanted

From GameSpy Daily :

Monolith has sent word today stating it is looking for some good gamers to help test its upcoming PC title, TRON 2.0:

Monolith Productions is seeking qualified gamers residing in the United States to beta test TRON 2.0, the upcoming first-person action-adventure game for PC only. Beginning Wednesday, July 24, interested parties can register by emailing their gaming background along with the following required information to

Email address
Mailing address
Day-time phone number
Fax number (if applicable)
System specifications of your computer, including computer brand, operating

system, CPU model, processing speed, memory/RAM, video card brand and model, video card memory size and sound card brand and model
Internet connection type
Direct X diagnostic tool log

Registrations will be accepted through Wednesday, Aug. 7. Testers will be randomly selected and receive their chance to play-test TRON 2.0 in both single- and multi-player mode, as well as offer feedback into the development of the game. Payment for services will not be provided to testers.