Trojans, Viruses, Browser hijacks

My daughter had her IE browser hijacked by several programs.
i-search and coolwebsearch. I was unable to get rid of it using ad-aware
and a few other utilities i downloaded. Then i found this web site and forum
that has volunteers helping people get rid of this scum. Here’s the web site.

If Anyone reading this Has Problems caused by trojans virus of web jackers.
Read this first and do everything they tell you. They have little tolerance for
people who skip steps or don’t do exactly what they tell them.

Go to their forums.

Find your way to the “HighJack This” part of the forum.
Read the 2 sticky’s at the top of forum.
Read the Announcment and follow that exactly.
Then post you hyjack this doc in forum with full explanation of your

For those reading this thread that Have no Problems now with
their web browser you should download this utility. Also works with
Mozilla. It will help prevent your browser from getting hijacked.


If your planning on posting in the hijack this forum you
should probably take a look at some of the threads first its really
an eye opener on all the steps it takes to get rid of this scum.

I find that if you get annoying toolbars you don’t want for exaple my search bar then uninstall from windows and search for it in program files rename them to annything you like and on the new reboot delete them works like a charm
hope this helps any body
to remove adware and spyware try programs like
Spybot search and destroy (personnal prefrance)

xsoftsspy (heard good things about this but never used it)