Trojan question

hi guys

I am new here. This is my current situation and my questions:

I got a trojan from two unknown sources. I figured out the file from one source on the internet, and deleted it.

The second source came from an infected xp cd a friend gave me. However on his scanning the cd nothing came up. I rid of the cd cause the thought of my whole OS being a backdoor is uneasy. Yet I scanned every day and nothing came up

I formated the two partitions that the trojans were on, the other two partitions were saved cause I had a lot of homemade movies and dvd movie files


Am I still at risk of anything left over if those two partitions were saved?

What is the best software for removing viruses and trojans

Can DVD files be infected?

Sorry if these been asked before I am a noob to this site

Get a good anti-virus program, keep it updated and run it often. Also run at least one spyware/malware detector program. Then the only trojans you should have are the rubber kind. :iagree:

Also a good idea to download and run CWSHREDDER once in awhile. It catches stuff the others don’t. I run Antivirus, Adaware, Spybot, and CWSHredder on a weekly basis. I have kids that download everything, and so far, my utilities have caught and fixed everything.

You may consider using two other software:

  1. The Cleaner (
  2. Microsoft AntiSpyware.

Both proved to be effective. Good luck.

thanx guys I will give it a shot

See here is the problem the one cd I used to install xp had a trojan however when my friend ran the test on his copy. No trojan was dected, and when I got the cd too,I scanned it. No trojan. Now it pops up when I was trying to trace the source. Right now I formated the two partitions that had the trojans but since the antivirus failed to pick up on them, how can I truely knwo that I am done with this trojan

if it was legit and the cd was infected, could my dvd files also be infected?

the trojan both times were

Generic BackDoor.dr (Trojan)

Just a smidge off topic, but I thought that Trojan’s were supposed to protect you from viruses, diseases, and pregnancy. :bigsmile:

Information on this specific Trojan:

No, it won’t infect your files, it has a completely different “task”.

I’m new here and I can’t find anything to click to ask a question about 123 COPY DVD software. I really can’t get it to work properly and I’m about to go crazy. I get no answers to inquiries sent to the software maker. Maybe they are in jail!! Can you tell me how and where to post so maybe I can get some help from somebody. Sorry, it is obvious that this was posted in the wrong place.