Trojan or what?

I have a small problem with a xp computerised laptop.At start up and occasionally the firewall stops regscan.exe from connecting the outside.

Trojan I thought?,The Cleaner didnt find anything…tried Windows Defender b2,also found nothing.

Since I´m not that good at this I really need your help to see if this is “normal” or what,for sure this has not been like this “always” just the latest few days.
ANY suggestion or help will be really appriciated.


It could be a trojan, try a tool like hijackthis or a antivirus prog. I guess it’s a little damn parasite.

one of the best progams I have ever used, still have to rerun it from safe mode
disconnected from internet to remove suborn trojans

This looks very suspicious to me!

  1. There is no such program in a normal Windows XP installation.
  2. There is a spelling mistake in the program’s name (“scaner”).

A Google search doesn’t turn up much unfortunately.

Have a look.

You can also use sysclean and the latest pattern file from Trend Mirco as well. But you will have to turn off system restore.

regscan.exe - Added by the W32/Rbot-HA trojan backdoor. This infection, when started, connects to an IRC server where it sits on a channel awaiting commands.

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:bow: Thank you ALL!
platinumsworld,your info (and trendmicros sysclean…)made it!!(At least it seems so right now :slight_smile: as Iam at just that computer…)
"Success Clean TROJ_DLOADER.DKI from C:\WINDOWS\system32\regscan.exe"
Thank you so much again!Ur :cool:

Your are welcome.

Trend Mirco’s sysclean is a good little tool to keep in mind if you run into trouble.

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I reccomend getting a good Virus scanner. Lavasoft is good. It has a montior so if you download a trojan it will alreat you. McAfee is good too.

Well actually on that computer there is AVG updated every day and Lavasoft ud at least 2 times a week both scanned everyday or 2days…When this “glitch” started I scanned with AVG,Panda online,TrendMicro Housecall,FSecure online,Kaspersky online and BitDefender online and none of them catched it.I also tried widowssecurity online trojan scanner and TrojanHunter,The Cleaner and Windows Defender and nope!Defender said “your system is running normaly!”:doh:

Thanks again,gs.