Trojan in Microsoft Windows and Office XP keygen



I just posted the article Trojan in Microsoft Windows and Office XP keygen.

BlackAcidDevil used our newssubmit to tell us:

That if you plan on hacking XP or Office XP guess what, if you use this tool you’re screwed.

Thanks to Chuck for the FYI on this. The program or…

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Revenge from M$ i think :slight_smile:


took em long enough. MS shoulda been doing stuff like this back in the win95 days. software should be able to detect a keygen. i remember win getright had that lame “pirated reg code” error in it. same deal, just delete something from windows registry. Raybiez where are you now?


There is also anotherone… Called Whistler.exe. After rebooting it makes all the files (Included on the network) 1 byte. No reverse possible.:frowning:


I have tried the keygen, and it does not make that registry entry. Nor does it affect any other files in any other way. The keys it made did not seem to work, but maybe they only work on retail copies