Troc, troc, troc in mp3

Hi pro’s

Im trying to rip a original Audio CD but when the final mp3’s plays I can hear a troc, troc, troc in some tracks.

The tracks are aleatory, I rip once and I have it in one or two files, and if I rip again the noise is in others. Always rip with VBR and 320 kpbs max.

I try Nero, Musicmatch and ashampoo, but the result is the same. The noise on tracks is aleatory.

The original CD is perfect. Im sure im idiotized with something, but can u tell me some idea about the problem?

Thanks a lot

Does this happen when ripping another CD? Is this CD riddled with a new copy protection?What is ‘aleatory’? Who is your CD burner made by? Answer back when you can and Good Luck… :cool:

Try ripping it with EAC and LAME.



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