Trio Gets 11 Years Total For Software Piracy

I just posted the article Trio Gets 11 Years Total For Software Piracy….

Newsbytes is reporting about two men and a woman who have been sentenced to a total of 11 years in prison for their involvement in one of the UK’s largest software piracy case.

The trio -…

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think thats a little to much for piracy ar they out of there minds in the uk?? Come they didnt murdered any one or so i think you get less for murder (at least here in holland) think this is a bit over the top…

there is no way you would get that kinda sentence for that - it must have been bigger somehow, with other offenses tied in. the UK rules by the way:(

They always say that! The companies lost x million U$ If there wasn’t piracy, most ppl wouldn’t even have a PC, I know I wouldn’t.

Fuck that. The estimate of how much it cost the company is a total load of BS. 3/4 of the people probably never would have gotten the software if it wasn’t for the fact they were getting it so cheap. I doubt they’d have been willing to pay the proper price for it.

One Question: How does Microsoft add this up ? 1) Would people buy “office 2000” if it wasnt on some twilight, crazy bytes etc. pack ? NO! Not unless they really really needed it. 2) Since noone can track down how many exact copies were made of the cd’s , HOW do they do the math that they have lost around $4.5 million?? Simply wishful thinking. RDJ134> You are exactly right. we have cases of childmurder, which were sentenced to less jail… what the fuck is the world going to ? is it simply because Bill Gates and his friends of nerd homos and lawyers who have the power now? I for one say. LETS FUCKING COPY BILL GATES MOTHERFUCKING ASS OFF! lets all fucking start copying and making webpages with their lame software, so that EVERYONE on the planet can get it for free. then MAYBE, just MAYBE they will shut the fuck up - and start counting their money. i mean, this company isnt exactly the poorest one in the universe. Sorry for the outburst, but this is simply getting outta hand now. :r

And opinions of minors (under 18) dont count. Come back voice your opinion when you no longer live with your mommy in her basement and make a living on your own and support your family.

Pretty easy man, let me track you down and fucking voice my opinion in your head fucker :8