Tring to burn downloaded movies to DVD

I have a new LG burner & nero express 7 & have been tring to burn downloaded movies from limewire but can’t get it to work. I’m using a sony DVD + R4.7GB disc and I get error messages like, file not found, file to large to copy to disc (even when i’ve tried to burn a personal 30 sec. video clip)& invalid file folder. If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated.

Any more info on the file type would be helpful…are they downloaded in AVI, MPEG, VOB files?

It’s an avi file.

Sorry to but in here, hope you don’t mind Da_Taxman.

If your trying to store the clips on your dvd, make sure you are burning a data disk.

If you are trying to make a dvd that you can play in a dvd player, then nero express 7 can’t convert them for you. You need to use a video editor or dvd suite to make a dvd out of avi. Nero ultra 7 comes with this. Its called nero vision.

Your problem sounds familiar though. Just can’t mind where. If none of the above help, then get a more up-to-date nero or other burning software.

you can convet them with WinAVI (payware) or AVI2dvd (freeware), then burn with nero or other burning app.

when I try to put the movie into the burn file, the message, no compatible file found, comes up. I was told that I need CRACK program, which I don’t have. Could this be the reason for this message. If so can anyone tell me how to get this program.

No-one here will be able to assist you in getting a crack, as per the forum rules (have another look at them).

Any help given will be the legal kind :wink: