Trimming Covers- How too?

Up until now I’ve only just printed the cover on a printable DVD, and never worried or needed the case.
I now bought a case of standard DVD cases, as well as an order of 8.5x11 glossy photo paper (230 g/m2)

I attempted my first “professional” looking cover, but it came out less than perfect.

Is there a “how-to” or a step by step guide on how to print the perfect size cover for a standard DVD case?
I keep having to use scissors to chop and trim and make it fit, and I’m thinking there has to be a better way, something more consistant.

Perhaps there is a software which can help?

Thank in advance and sorry for the dumb question.

Kind Regards

I cannot tell you any off the top of my head, but there are softwares specifically designed to print cd covers that will auto size your image to the right size.

I print quite a few covers for DVDs. I use Roxio’s Label Creator which prints the image the correct size but I do have to trim the A4 (UK) paper down to fit the case.

There probably is paper out there that matches the case size but this tends to be quite expensive for what it is.

If you are using A4 paper then I have found that if you leave a (approx.) 2.5cm border top and left or right of the page the cover should fit reasonably neatly…experiment with plain paper first and set your printer to draft mode…make a few experimental prints which won’t cost you much. Once you have found the size that works, save your work and use it as a template for future projects. Hope this helps…

THanks for all the replies fellas.


someplace on the front of this website…there used to be a link to a website that had a database of dvd covers for download and print…with handy instructions to make the paper and print size fit. I still use a sharpie marker…:slight_smile:


I use Acoustica CD\DVD Label Maker, very simple to use and does a great job.
Just open up a new DVD case template, navigate to the where the jpg you intend to use is located, click on it, and it automatically is sized to the template. You can also lighten or darken if you wish. Insert your 8 X11" paper - hit print- and your done.
Place the finished product on a newspaper, use a steel ruler with an exacto knife or sharp razor blade, and merely cut around the inked image that is on the paper.
Four fast cuts and you have a perfect fit into the case.
The progarm is not free, 22.00 I believe, but does offer a free trial version you can try.
It has many other useful features as well.
Download it here:

For cover art you have 2 options. Using a scanner you can scan your original DVD cover and save as jpg.
The second option is you can go to CD Covers and download cover art. Go to the below site, scroll down to DVD, then select the alphabet letter your intended movie starts with.

Hope this helps you in some way.

If you want a program that automatically prints covers the correct size use multicoverprint, or do a search for a free download called autocoverxp.

I just created a DVD cover template in MS publisher by measuring a commercial cover and entering it into custom page size option. Then as stroop said trim down the extra paper when printed. I don’t use photo paper waste of money normal paper works fine.

i use plain old microsoft word with the paper selector to Legal (if you’re in the US…A4 for all you UKers)

i have a template saved on my computer that has the correct margins. I’d be happy to send it to anyone.

all you do is copy the image into the word document and resize so it just fits within the page margins then print and cut it out

i agree with this…regular paper under the plastic of the case looks good enough for me. most people can’t even tell the difference. and it’s not like i’m trying to pass them off as originals anyway. it’s more for my own filing purposes.

You can get paper that is heavier and coated so you can print at full quality, without bleed problems or the print coming out to light, and its defanatly more expensive than plain paper, but defanatlly cheaper than photo paper. Office depot calls it presentation paper, great white calls it photo and imaging paper. Several brands make it but call it diffrent things. I’t just kind of like extraa heavy, smooth coated plain paper. Thats what I use.