Trillian v7.2.1

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There is a new version of trillian released for any of you having problems logging into AIM with it yesterday or today.
These guys sure work fast to fix any bugs. The bug started yesterday and was…

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I love this program :4

Amen to that brother :4

Nila, XP is rock solid and easily the best OS Microsoft has made to date. I bet your problem is either is due to crappy drivers or maybe you need to update some firmware on your motherboard. If it was an OS issue, hundreds of people would have stepped forward and said they were having the same problem.

if trillian would start offering internet telephony, video chat and remote access in M$ messenger…

Domino - It was none of those. I had the latest BIOS updates, latest drivers for all my hardware all of which was XP compliant. Not everyone is going to have the same problem as me, it will depend on their hardware configuration. Each person is going to have a different experience depending on what hardware they have and what software they have installed along with what drivers. XP’s job as the OS which controls it all is to make sure it all works properly no matter what configuration they have. I’m not stupid enough to just blame the OS when I dont have the correct drivers installed. I had everything as it was meant to be, XP just cant do it’s job properly.

trillian roxors. best IM program ever.

hey chief about your USB problem… im a Tech so i see this kinda crap everyday… and the main number one issue with people who are unable to get their usb devices working after they install an OS is that they actually had it installed when the OS was installed… now i am not talking about mice and keyboards…We already know that they are Legacy devices. i mean printers scanners and whatever else… you cant have them plugged in when the OS is installed. Leave them unplugged if you aint already and give it a try… if anything else… blow out the USB ports/root hub under device manager and see what happens…

oops almost forgot to give a thumbs up to Trillian… it is one heckuva program…

Nila, List your system specs and the driver version you are using for your PC.

XP does suck. Many bugs left to work out. Fact is there are hundreds of people who custom build there systems and have problems with XP. M$ knows this and are working on fixing the left over bugs. It seems it eather works rock solid or it just dont work. Most have eather work excellent or failed to even load. Not to many have semi works. XP code is going somewhere but its not bug free yet. I use 2K as well cuz of all the post ive read in forums. Im sure common configs work well like compaq dell gateway etc. setups.

heh. this is forum aboot trillian. heh. too add to the fire, XP blows. I prefer 2000 anyday. i DONT need fancy graphics, “easier to use UI”, and all that BS, to get some work done. am i saying dont use it? No. If you like it, use it. if not dont. and i dont. :7

XP works great for me. Of course, I’m one of those people that can fix little problems with drivers, bios updates or firmware updates. I don’t misconfigure my systems then blame Microsoft for all my problems.

Cyber - If your a tech I could have used your help at any point during any of my three installs of XP. It’s gone now though (RIP) and 2k is back and I’m planning to keep it. It’s been rock solid since I put it back on. And with my USB Devices, they’d all work to begin with then they’d just cut off after a random amount of time. It’s not like they didn’t work at all. As for my system specs, they’re kinda gettin old. I want a system. I got a 700Mhz AMD Athlon, K7 Pro motherboard, 768Mb of RAM, Matrox G400 Max 32Mb Dual Head graphics card, Sound blaster live player 1024, Plextor 124Tsi CDRW, Pioneer 10x DVD, Logitech Quickcam pro 3000, Canon IXUS digital camera, hp scanjet 4470c scanner, hp 970cxi printer, microsoft natural keyboard pro, creative FPS1000 speakers and a videoseven 19" monitor. Thats all the specs I can think of :slight_smile: gettin old I know, I want a new mother board with an Athlon 1.9Mhz and 1 gig of DDR RAM.

Hey nila, have exact the same problem here with USB on XP!! After a while all USB is gone :frowning: I think it’s something with the combination of motherboard, processor and gfx card, my system specs are: 750Mhz AMD Athlon, K7 Pro motherboard, 512MB RAM, Matrox G400 Max 32Mb Dual Head gfx card, Sound blaster live player 1024, Hitachi 8x DVD, Iomega ZIP 100 USB, Logitech Quickcam pro 3000, HP 720c printer, Microsoft natural keyboard pro, Umax Astra 2100U scanner, Iiyama 19" monitor. And NEVER had any problem with it on Win2000!! :slight_smile:

Yo dude, whats up with that? I’m getting scared, it’s like your stalkin me. Your computer is the same as mine!! lol. I dont think the graphics card has anything to do with it. I think it’s probably our motherboards.

Sounds like it maybe a motherboard issue. You may need to talk to the motherboard manufactuer and see if they are working on a firmware fix for it. I would also search forums in Anandtech and other places to see if anybody else has the same issue/came up with a work around. XP is definately the way to go. :slight_smile:

Dude, I aint going near XP until SP1 at least. Too many problems and reinstalls. Oh yeah, and the motherboard shouldn’t have to do anything. WIndows is the one that needs to make the fix because Windows 2000 works fine with it but XP doesn’t which means it’s not a problem with the motherboard but with the OS.

Trillian is superb! I use it now everywhere I go… home, work… etc. The only thing missing is that trillian is lack of multiligual support… an important feature that many people need.

Win XP … R O X R !! If you can’t get your USB devices to work under XP then blame yourself and not the operating system !!!