Trillian Beta 1.0

Anyone have a direct link to the beta made by trillian…wouldnt mind trying it…

The beta group is closed, doubtful you’ll find one.

anygood sites you think i’ll be able to find one…or anything in beta really.

not wanting to be a smartass at all, but ever heard of a tiny little program called Kazaa (lite) ???
If I can find it there why wouldn’t You :wink:

you saying you found trillian beta 1.0 on kazaa…because i cant find it on there.

The author does not want you to download it yet :slight_smile:

Hey guys

I tried this new version of trillian i put it over version 0.73.After the install i ran this software it started ok it even made its connected sound ( i connect to MSN ) BUT my buddies list would not come up :frowning: all i got was the outline and the icon in the system tray next to the clock.When i moved my mouse over said icon Trillian shut down.This happened every time i tried this new version so i uninstalled it and re-installed v0.73 but now this does the same so i now cannot use Trillian which i much prefer to MSN etc.So if i was you i would not try this untill it goes GOLD …


Ps by the way i forgot to mention i`m running it under XP Pro so if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix my problem so i can get trillian back in and running then i would be very greatful :smiley: