Trillian 3 and tabs

i have trillian 3.
i would like to recieve all the ims in 1 window with tabs just like deadaim.
but i cant figure out how to enable that option.

anyone please help

I am not positive it will work, as I usually prefer it the other way around - having each im in a separate window, but I believe you could try the Container options. I think from there you can group the im’s by messenger service (i.e. one “container” for ICQ, one for MSN, etc.).

where are the container options in trillian 3?

i cant find them.

please help

When you open the Preferences window, there is a list on the left side. There is an option Message Windows. When you choose it, you can edit the options for containter and groping.

i think u r talking about trillian 2. i have trillian 3. how do i enable tabbed windows in trillian 3?

I have trillian 3 as well - basic. not trillian 2.