Trillian 0.722 released today

I just posted the article Trillian 0.722 released today.

Again a new version out of my favorite instant messenger program. Its seem updates come out almost daily now.

Fixed AOL Connectivity Bug Yes, again and again.
Trillian Auto-Update Stay…

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I have rarely seen freeware fixed so often to satisfy it’s end users. These 2 programmers are 1 well 2 in a million!. Try the software and send them a donation!

Just wanna say thx too the makers, just using it for a month or so, it’t realy nice. Keep on the good work

We all know the score. They’re awesome. If only MS was as fast to respond as these guys :slight_smile: In MS’s favour an operating system is SLIGHTLY more complex though :slight_smile:

my god i never thought i’d give up the actual programs icq, aol, yahoo, but it’s soooo worth it. thx go to trillian & it’s programmers. i’m stingy with money but i just sent em $10 via paypal for all the effort. hope trillian lasts. :d