Tried to may a copy of a DVD with Nero

Everything seemed perfect. But - surprise! - the copy would not play on any DVD player I have (including DVD drive on PC which I used to make a copy).
No errors were reported while the copy was made, two DVDs look identical in the Windows browser and in Nero disk info utility. What is going on?
Is it because the DVD could be encripted? I assumed that in that case I would not be able to copy rather then to not be able to play the resulting DVD.
I am completely new to this so excuse my ignorance.
If it matters:
DVD writer that I have is Toshiba SD-R 5002
Nero Express version (TDK)
I used mode ‘copy entire disk’.
DVD is a movie - ‘Breathless’ by Godard, if it helps :slight_smile:
Any clue?

This may not seem blatantly obvious,but if it’s a major/minor studio DVD,
it probably has what we here at CDFreaks call copy protection which doesn’t allow a person to copy a disc without decrypting it to the hard drive first. Three things are needed to copy a DVD with such protection: DVD Decrypter,DVD2One,and Nero(UDF/ISO)
Take a look around,and search thru the forum for descriptions the three software I mentioned. The first is free,the second is$40US,and there are varying prices on the third ,depending on where you get it from. But after searching the forum,and obtaining the software,you’ll be just like me…A bad DVD-copying M*&^%%%^
(&^^&&(*… :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Incidentally,I went to my favorite site for movies( one excellent site for any movie made within the last 100 years!!),and looked up ‘Breathless’ by Goddard,and the distributor of the DVD is 20th Century Fox,so your movie is DEFINITELY copy-protected…Good Luck,the three sites below can guide you to the software I mentioned(maybe not Nero,I see you have that already.)…


thanks alot ruffrob. does dvd decrypter allow you to burn any dvd movies out there? i read on the dvd2one site that it doesnt rip all copy protected dvds on the market. thanks for any help you could provide

Ruffrob, thank you!
I have a followup question if you don’t mind. Does either of this two programs below allow to do the same thing (copy a protected DVD) as the three pieces you mentioned taken together:

In the meantime I will try to browse other threads to educate myself a bit.

Thank you.


To Barmalini,dvdxcopy is one of the first to do the copying thing well,and I don’t know too much about copydvdpro,since over the last six months,DVD copying apps have converged on the market with a vengeance,and that one seem to have been lost in the shuffle,when more popular apps have taken a more visible presence. I could be wrong,but I believe DVDxcopy puts identifying marks on the copied disc. So with all the bullshit going on with those issues,I 'd say use something that’s more worryfree.

To vcurams2k1: DVD decrypter does burn,but given the size of some of the extracted files from a 7-9 gig movie,you’d have to use 2 discs,and personally,I think that takes away from the total cinematic experience of DVD. Use DVD2ONe,it’s $40US,and it’s more than worth the money. Every disc will fit on a blank after
transcoding with that software. If Scarface works,just about everything will!! Good Luck…