Tried to install new cd r rw

My system is as follows:
Intel Pentium 3, 500 MHz
Chip set: Intel R 440 chipset family
Memory controller: 82443BX/DX/ZX
I/O controller: 82371EB(PIIX4E)
Intel. MMX(â„¢) Technology
Streaming SIMD extensions
CPU Family 6, CPU type 0, CPU Model 7, CPU Stepping 2
Windows 98
With 320 MB of Ram
DVD and CD-Rom R
ATI Rage 32 MB video card
VortexX2 Super Quad Pci sound card

I bought and tried to install a Liteon 52x32x52x CD R RW
The installation instructions called for it to be installed as the master and my dvd player to be installed as slave, both on my secondary IDE. My present set up called for the cd r rw to be the slave and the dvd player to be the master so thats how I set it up, it worked fine and I loaded the soft ware (Nero Express) using the new drive and then my system became so unstable I couldnt do anything. I would try to access my computer and I would get a blue screen, I would try to use the cd and get a blue screen and on and on, I could use the internet and read my mail but that was all. So I changed it to master on the lite on and slave for the dvd player, but it was the same way, blue screen or computer freeze. On the advice of a friend I set both the lIte on cdr rw to cable select and the dvd player to cabel select and my system became very stable in fact as stable as when it was new. How ever It shows my secondary IDE as missing or no driver or not orperable. I changed the system back to the way it was before I tried to install the new CDR but when they are master and slave, My unstability comes back.
Any suggestions???

I have uninstalled nero express and have both on slave so that I can use my computer. but I miss my cd and dvd player.


Hello and welcome to CD Freaks,
Sometimes drives just don’t play nice together even though technically they should.
Try putting the CDRW on as secondary master and the DVD-ROM on as primary slave.
If there is something on primary slave right now move it to secondary slave.

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