Tried to extract something over 4 GB but it said i needed to have a NTFS file system

i tried to extract something over 4 GB but it said i needed to have a NTFS file system, so i changed the file system of my hard drive to NTFS with the CMD and formating it but now when i extract it it says only NTFS can exceed 4 GB, BUT I HAVE NTFS WHAT AM I DOING WRONG
and the hard drive is internal, i have windows XP

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just so I understand correctly, you reformatted your hard drive into NTFS correct? Can you go over step by step how you did that and maybe we can find the issue?

if you go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management and click “Disk Management” on the left hand side your hard drive(s) and any partitions should show up on the right.

if you could screenshot this it would be very helpful. if not, please describe how many hard drives or partitions show up, and what the “File System” column shows for each.

ok basically i went to start, Run, cmd, typed format D:, typed in local disk, typed in y for yes, and then i just waited, then when it didn’t work i went to my computer, right clicked D drive, and pressed format, made sure the file system was NTFS and then well i just pressed start but that didn’t work. when i went to disk management umm for all the volumes they were healthy, partitions , basic type 0% overhead, no false Tolerance and the freespace for the D drive is 54 GB while the C drive is 7.56

ok so you have 2 separate hard drives a C drive and a D drive? or are they separate partitions on the same drive?

and you didn’t mention what was in the file system column when you were in the disk management window. does your D drive show up as ntfs?

if your D drives shows at NTFS then you’ve done it correctly already and you need to make sure you’re actualyl extracting to the correct place.

if it shows at FAT32 you can try the following:

assuming you have NOTHING on your D drive you intend to keep, you should be able to do the following from the disk management window:

right click the picture o fyour D drive and "delete partition"
right click again and “format” be sure to format as ntfs. (I recommend whatever the opposite of the “quick format” option is. Full Format maybe?) This step could take a little time so be patient.
then try to extract your file to the newly formatted ntfs drive.

once again…please do NOT do the above if you have stuff you don’t want to lose on the D drive.

Hi darkkal123, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

What are you trying to extract? (E.g. files from a ZIP file?)

How are you trying to extract? (E.g. using WinZip, WinRAR, …)

Where are you trying to extract?

It’s possible that the program you’re using for extraction is using a folder on your C: drive for temporary files, and if that drive is in FAT or FAT32 format, it won’t be able to hold files that are 4 GB or larger even though the final destination on your D: drive may be able to hold those files.

If my guess turns out to be correct, you should either convert (NOT reformat!) your C: drive to the NTFS format, or change the location of the temporary folder used by your extraction program. But please answer my questions first if you can.

good point drage.

i assumed the ultimate goal was to reformat his D drive as ntfs and that he was extracting the file TO that NTFS drive.

no amount of manipulating a spare drive will help if it’s trying to extract to a fat32 drive.

also, are the ntfs conversion utilities safe for drives that have data on them already? I know they claim to be, but I’ve never trusted them although I’m not entirely sure why.

I’d guess you’re right [B]DrageMester[/B] about the temporary folder used by Winrar (or similar) being on a FAT32 drive when the destination is an NTFS drive. I’ve seen this as an issue before.

The Windows XP built-in convert tool is as safe as anything you can do on your harddrive. There are never any absolute guarantees as simply reading something from your harddrive could make it crash!

If you install Windows XP and choose to create a new NTFS partition, it will actually be formatted as a FAT32 partition and then later on converted to an NTFS partition using the “convert.exe” tool, so I’d say it’s as safe a tool as they come!

good to know. to me it was always one of those things that i just tried to stay away from though I was never sure why haha.

rofl a lot of talking but anyway thanks for the welcome but i did what reasonsnotrules did but it didn’t work. When i format my D drive i notice that the only option i have to change the file system of the D drive is NTFS so i don’t know if that means anything. -five minutes later- OMFG i did the conversion that the mod posted and now the D drive was already a NTFS file system and i extracted the file (winRAR ISO) and it still says the same message …

Check your WinRAR settings; you might be using a temporary folder on your C: drive even when extracting to a non-removable drive.

The “Use only for removable disks” option should be checked.
You might also want to change the temporary folder to somewhere else on an NTFS drive.

WinRAR: Options => Settings… => Paths

I always download to my specified folder i choose/made and right click to “Extract Here” (the same folder).

ty it worked rofl i can’t believe this was the problem …

What did you do?

looks like he was extracting to the wrong drive.

that’ll teach me to look too far beyond the obvious solution next time lol

:bigsmile: maybe not that’s why i asked :slight_smile:

It’s the temp file location that’s the problem. By default Winrar & others will use the C drive to unpack to & then copy to the specified location. So if the C drive is FAT32 the 4GB limit is the cause of the failure, regardless what the target drive is.
So the solution is to set the temp folder location to the NTFS drive.

And even better, to make sure the “Use only for removable disks” is checked.

It’s pointless and a waste of time to extract hundreds of megabytes or gigabytes to one drive and then move them to their final destination on another drive.

I don’t know why so many programmers think this is the best default setting? But that’s the way it is with many programs! :doh:

I don’t actually remember if this is the default setting in WinRAR, since I always look at settings shortly after installing any program and it’s been a while since I installed WinRAR.

i’m with you rolling :iagree:

wow i finally extracted everything every thing is fine (what i got was a game) and now im like finally about to run the game …my graphic card can’t support this game so all i see is a black and some bits of gray on my screen … basically this was all for nothing but then again i learned something rofl
if you guys are wondering the game was spiderman 3