Tried to copy MOHAA...wasnt successful

***I used the search button and everything to see if there were similar problems. :slight_smile: ***

Im using XP, a Lite-On 52x24x52, and CD Mate. I followed the instructions you guys gave me to a “T”.

I can install the game fine, but when I go to play it, it reads “Cant not find CD, eject and reinsert CD…”

Sooo… I thought maybe there was a problem with the CD with the SafeDisc2 crack on it, so I made an image file of the “Play CD” and tried to run the game that way, and it didnt work.

I have Alcohol 120 but are not sure if Im going to use it because the trial period is up and Im not going to buy it unless its going to work. :cool:

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

First when you burn the image with alcohol, go to the safe disk 2 profile under data type settings, and uncheck bypass efm errror. Save the profile.
After you burn the image, don’t try to play it in the burner. Play it in a normal cdrom or dvdrom.
I forget what protection exactly is MOHAA but I didn’t have any problems with it and neither should alcohol.

If you are using a cracked version of the game, don’t even bother asking questions on this forum. They are not tolerated.
[Just so. Thread closed. … philamber ]

First of all, I apologize if anyone (including philamber) thought I was using a cracked game file for MOHAA)

That was not the case. What I was referring to was the Safedisc 2 was the “crack” I didnt know what else to call it. I guess its the write protection or something of that nature. Again, sorry for the confusion.

Now… back to what I was saying. When I go home I will try and use my Samsung DVD rom to try and play the game. If not Ill do what jackal2001 said and

“uncheck bypass efm errror”

anyone else have any other ideas. Im all ears.

Hope I cleared up any misunderstandings.


Going to believe you on this and thus reopened the thread and merged your second thread with the first (please use PM for this in the future)

OK, thanks for opening the thread. I have no reason to BS you guys anyway. I read the rules, and are full aware of what and what not to post. :slight_smile:

moving on…

I can successfully use the game using my DVD-Rom player.

Im thinking about purchasing Alcohol 120 soon. We shall see.

if it works in your dvd rom and not your writer then you need an atip hiding program like in clone cd

ah ok…

then u just click it or unclick the option and wala?